Are You Fearful That Your Memory is Slipping?

There Is Something You Can Do.


Are you worried each time you misplace your keys?

Do you wonder if it is normal to forget the name of your co-worker or new acquaintance?

Are you at risk for Alzheimer's or other dementia?

If you have watched others in your family suffer from memory loss - or even if you haven't - your fear is rational. Instead of swallowing that fear and accepting your fate, take steps NOW to know what you can do.

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You are not alone.


Struggling with a recent dementia diagnosis can feel overwhelming and isolating. It often evokes fear and worry for the one with the diagnosis and for those close to them. What does the future have in store? What can you do to slow the progression or prevent others in the family from suffering the same fate? Are you concerned for your own health or the health and well-being of loved ones? If so, please know that wherever you are in this journey, you are not alone. 

Perhaps you know that a healthy diet and regular exercise are good for brain health. Maybe you already know that good sleep, learning new things and staying socially engaged are good too. What else are you missing? Is that enough? If you are ready to take action but don’t know where to begin, you are in the right place.  

Here you will find guidance, tools and support from a whole-person functional approach. Together we create a partnership to prevent the onset or stop and reverse the progression of cognitive decline, dementia or Alzheimer's. We look upstream for root causes instead of simply trying to mask or ignore symptoms. 


You may slowly dip in your toe with small action steps to improve your health. Or you could jump in headfirst to address inflammation, toxicity, nutrient optimization, stress, exercise and sleep. Together we find the "just-right challenge" and you get to take your journey at your pace. 

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Marie Sin Photography

Marie Sin Photography

WHY I am here is easy. I want to help others who are currently in the shoes I was in years ago. In 2003, my mom began to show obvious signs of impaired memory. She had always been kind and conscientious but became more distant and disorganized.

In 2006, I received a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. A functional nutritionist gave me hope and action steps when my neurologist did not.


My health journey branched into several areas. I was a patient. I was an occupational therapist treating patients with MS and dementia. I was a health coach, functional medicine practitioner and yoga instructor. Each one of my clients was seeking better health. Every path has led me here today.

It is my mission to help reduce your risk of cognitive decline and slow or reverse it if it has already begun. If I knew in my 20’s what I know now, I may never have gotten MS and perhaps I could have prevented my mom’s dementia. What can you do now, regardless of your age, so that your 60's, 70’s and 80’s are decades full of joy, wellness and vitality? Explore with me and learn!

If you are ready to talk and share your story, click the button below and schedule a free introductory call. 

Optimal Wellness is within reach for You and your Family!

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