Health & Wellness Coaching

Are You Looking for a Way to Get Healthy and Well, Right Now?

RootCauseology Can Help.

We combine Functional Medicine with Occupational Therapy and Just Right Wellness to optimize your body’s function.  As your partner in wellness, we will work to identify the root cause of your health challenges—and create the program that works best for YOU.

health & Wellness Coaching

Our Just Right Approach Focuses on Long–term Success, Not Quick Fixes, for Sustained Health and Wellness.

Functional Testing Program:

    • Four, one-on-one visits that will seek the root cause of your symptoms and create a specific program based on your preferences and genetics to:
    • Optimize gut health and nutrition
    • Reduce inflammation
    • Improve detoxification

Happy & Healthy Brain Roadmap:

    • A three-month course that includes testing, three one-on-one visits and weekly group calls
    • Engages you in a supportive community
    • Provides a Just Right, step-by-step plan for a successful health journey
    • Work to achieve YOUR individual brain health goals

Keto Kickstart:

    • Looking for a way to follow the ketogenic diet?  We can help guide you through our 10-day support program:
    • Explore the basics of keto
    • Learn keto’s benefits to brain health
    • Become metabolically flexible, using ketones and glucose for fuel


From the Sanskrit “yuji” meaning “union,” our yoga practice brings together mind and body to provides you a respite from stress through stretching, breathing, meditation and poses.  Sessions are available one-on-one, scheduled classes or by appointment.


Join us for a getaway that nourishes your mind, body and spirit.  The event includes yoga, cooking classes, nature hikes, massage, workshops and more.


Our biology’s adaptive responses to moderate environmental or self-imposed challenges to improve a body’s functionality and/or tolerance to even greater challenges.

RootCauseology’s challenges are created to be Just Right for each individual.

Because Life is Good When You are Well.