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Functional Medicine?

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Traditional/Western medicine focuses on diagnoses and prescriptions. In contrast, functional medicine seeks to find the root cause of the issue.

Functional medicine understands that a diagnosis is just a name given to describe a cluster of symptoms—and a diagnosis tells us nothing about what caused those symptoms. To address the likely causes, we must determine why the issue has occurred—or the factors that contribute to it.

Two people with dementia can have totally different causes or contributing factors. If we don’t know the “why” we can’t provide the “how.” How to treat. How to manage. How to be well.

The RootCauseology approach looks for the “why”. We invite you to get curious—and embark on a journey upstream to move beyond symptoms.

RootCauseology looks at the whole person—your stressors,
diet, exercise routine, genetics and more.

Functional Medicine

Epigenetics: What is it?

Epigenetics is the “turning on or turning off” of our genes, based on our lifestyle and environment.
These genetic changes can even be passed on to our offspring.

  • Genotype: actual gene code
  • Phenotype: observable characteristics or traits or physical expression of gene code.

It’s Nature Versus Nurture.

We can’t change our genes. We CAN turn our genes on or off and change the way they are expressed.
In short, epigenetics plays a larger role in our health than the genes themselves.

RootCauseology looks at you in totality—how you live, how you eat, how you work, how you move. And we create suggestions and solutions for just right wellness—in body, mind and spirit.

Because Life is Good When You are Well.