A friend, fellow occupational therapist and coach, Raphael Aguon, stated recently in a Wellness Wednesday interview,

He explained that we can live life with intention or we can live life by default. But when we live life with intention (knowing who we are, what we are here for, our mission and vision) we get to be co-creators instead of simply being blindly subject to the circumstances of life.

What is a powerful catalyst for sailing in the right direction?

A positive mindset. Over the past twenty-two months, in every health coaching session with a client, we check in with “mindset.” In the beginning, we start with a lesson that highlights the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. Then we move to the understanding that the daily actions we take can support a growth mindset. We always have the opportunity to grow, learn from mistakes, overcome barriers and sail in the direction of our desired destination while enjoying the sights along the way.

Coaching is a partnership, different from teacher/student or therapist/patient, and together we use many positive psychology techniques to build a positive mindset including, mindfulness meditations, yoga, various gratitude practices, breathwork, realistic goal-setting, karma yoga (acts of kindness and generosity). We also create a community of others who are focused on similar healthy patterns so we are surrounded with support.

A positive mindset is likely to inspire positive emotions. Positive emotions lead to positive action. What I have learned again and again is that then meaningful coincidences (synchronicity) become more common. These are little gifts that let us know that we are moving in the right direction. (eg. A friend calls after you think about them, you frequently see the same numbers on a clock, your favorite bird lands on your windowsill). Are we attracting these things or are we just more aware? If the result is awe, joy, contentment, or gratitude…does it matter?

Year in review

If we take an honest look at our circumstances, there are always things to celebrate. Celebrations may be concrete or abstract. On recent group calls, ladies looked back over their year and shared many celebrations such as:

  • Intentionally dropped weight that led to improved energy, vitality and blood glucose numbers
  • Learned to be their own advocates in a doctor’s appointment and ask the question, “Why?’
  • Moved beyond overwhelm into action and spent many months remediating mold
  • Left a work environment with toxic energy to a new one that was supportive
  • Walked in NYC for vacation and around the neighborhood for Halloween without pain that was common one year ago
  • Learned that health goals are best supported with accountability and structure

As we look toward 2022, reviewing the previous year and highlighting celebrations is good for mindset. These same concepts work equally well for personal health and business so I have employed the same principles to the nearly two-year-old service-oriented business, Rootcauseology.

Rootcauseology Celebrations:​

Rootcauseology is growing and we have a lot to celebrate.

First, we have had twenty-five guest interviews in the Facebook Group, Brain Wellness and Dementia Prevention. Each guest has brought insightful, relevant information along with compassion and concern for the communities they serve. You can find each interview on YouTube here.

The Keto for Brain Health short course began in early 2021. Together we ​learned about the benefits of mild ketosis and through course content and group calls we supported “healthy” keto. Some keto programs promote lots of bacon and dairy but our group focused on vegetables, small amounts of healthy protein, and mainly unsaturated fats (particularly for those who carry the gene variant, ApoE).

A Happy and Healthy Brain Roadmap course was added to support those who aim to prevent dementia and cognitive decline or who are already showing early signs and want to ​address root causes. This three-month course includes two functional medicine tests, weekly course content, 24/7 chat access, three 1:1 health coaching sessions, weekly group calls, and weekly yoga.

The Cheer Squad was added ​this fall. In order to climb, we must have a strong base. The ladies in this group have been through some functional testing and health coaching and come together weekly to share celebrations, problem solve concerns or road blocks, learn the latest relevant research and health tips, and set goals for the following week. Each member is then connected with a partner for the week to offer support and accountability until our next meeting. ​​​

Recapping celebrations from 2021 sets the tone for positive emotions and growth mindset as we prepare for 2022. Next, we create a mission, vision and specific goals; but it all begins with celebrations.

My father-in-law, Melvin Brennan Sr., critiques the ancient Chinese proverb, “The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” He insists that first, you must be facing in the right direction.

May the focus on celebrations turn you in the right direction!

What are your celebrations for 2021? Please share below so we can cheer right alongside you!